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I lived in Berlin for a year and rode pretty much every day.

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 Drivers there treat you like a human being. They give you priority because you are a more vulnerable road user. They go out of their way to give you space on streets. I had zero sketchy driver side encounters there. I never called anyone out there because I was constantly being treated with respect. I felt like a dick riding with the kind of aggression you need in north America just to maintain a safe personal space.Back in north America we have to deal with a bunch of fucking shitheads who were never taught anything about how to use the road with cyclists. Was anyone taught that bike lanes are not free parking spots as long as you have your safeties on? Clearly not. Was anyone taught the hierarchy of road users gives priority to the most vulnerable not the largest? We have a culture cheap nfl jerseys of driver entitlement and that only gets changed if the bullshit the road messaging gives way to are behind the wheel of a weapon that kills more people than guns every single day. Show some basic heuristics like avoiding bright colors near the edge in stable compositions. Or rule of thirds.Mostly you need to find tricks and heuristics that anyone in any medium would find useful and build lessons out of them. There are lots.As for cliches they are students. They will make cliched artwork. Learning is imitation. The trick is to try to show them a pathway out of it or emphasize the errors and serendipities that they didn rip off from their favorite artist. You have to recognize what they did and try to push them beyond it. The rule I use for myself is do I desperately need to see in the world that I have never seen before Try to get your students to work from that motivation. As such a state and a corporation would be considered as both being in that class of organizational structures.Institutions are largely determined by their histories and their governing rules. As such the differences between the governance structure or rules that determine the day to day affairs, membership, inclusion or exclusion, punishment for violation of norms, leadership choice, and dispute resolution will fundamentally alter the qualities of an institution. For example even just the differnces in voting rules between a coop ( one person, one vote ) a state ( one person one vote chooses leaders who are dominated by a party whip ), a private company ( one person decides ) and a public corporation ( one share, one vote but dominated by a board ) can lead to large differences in outcomes as these inital conditions iterate over time.Changes in scale affect to a large degree how institutions function. As social networks get larger the cheap nfl jerseys more it is possible to defect from norms but not be punished for that violation. So a small institution can run on informal rules and pro social assumptions but a government scale institution would probably find itself dominated by free riders or defectors without bureaucratic and formally encoded rules and norms of governance. Robin Dunbar, in many friends does one person need suggests there is a physical cheap jerseys limit of between 120 to 200 ( with the average being 150) wholesale jerseys for the number of high quality relationships a person can have. Beyond that limit typical pro social for tat regulation of norms tends to break down so formal institutional rules become more important.

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